Welcome to my website

I am a full professor of economics at the University of Tübingen and a research affiliate of CEPR and CESifo.

I study the economics of large and complex organizations.

One strand of my research studies the economics of firms. I strive to understand how digitization and globalization reshape firms and to assess the resulting implications for firms’ employees.

A second strand of my research studies the economics of the public administration. My goal is to understand how to build administrative capacity where it is lacking.


I was recently awarded an ERC Starting Grant for my research on “Firm organization and the adoption of information and communication technologies (ORGandICT)”. You can find more information here.

I am hiring! If you are interested in a post-doc position for 3+ years, see here.

Selected Publications

Firm organization with multiple establishments,

With Henrike Steimer and Manfred Antoni.
Quarterly Journal of Economics 137(2), 1091–1138.
Summary on VoxEUThe Visible Hand Podcast.

The Life Cycle Dynamics of Exporters and Multinational Firms,

2020, with Haishi Li, Andreas Moxnes, Natalia Ramondo and Felix Tintelnot. Journal of International Economics, Vol. 126, 103343.