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2014 CESifo Affiliate Award (Area: Global Economy);

Best Paper Award at the XIVth RIEF Doctoral Meeting 2014.

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Summary on VoxEU.
Previously circulated as “The use of tax havens in exemption regimes”, NBER Working Paper No. 17644Bundesbank Discussion Paper Series 1, No. 30/2011.

Working papers.

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Accepted, Quarterly Journal of Economics.
Summary on VoxEU. The Visible Hand Podcast.

Work in progress.

Building Fiscal Capacity, with Nadja Dwenger.

Multinational firms and global innovation, with Kalina Manova, Cristina Rujan and Monika Schnitzer.

Non-refereed publications.

Book review of “Antràs, Pol: Global production: firms, contracts, and trade structure”, 2017, Journal of Economics, Vol. 120(2), 189-191.